Enneagram Test: Which Personality Type Are You?

Enneagram Test

Price: Free Test & Free Full Report
Duration: 10 Minutes

Enneagram Test

This is a 100% free Enneagram personality test that is here to help you quickly find out which of the 9 types truly fits you best.  You will not only discover your actual personality type, but also how much of each type you represent. In addition, you will get a full free report about your personality type, no additional fees! And, if you are curious about the other types, don’t worry – we’ve got your back too! You can find them all here!

We have added multiple additional features to your report, under which are common addictions, celebrities and most importantly, growth suggestions. It is important to note that these recommendations are what we have found to be very common among each enneagram type. You should interpret them at an individual level and thus help you reflect on your life. By doing so, we aspire to, hopefully, bring you further on your personal path.

How to:

This is a multiple choice test, which means that you can only plug in one answer for each question. However, to get the most accurate test results everything gets a bit tricky. You will have to make sure that you answer each question honestly. This may sound simple, but it is actually quite hard. The best advice we can give you here is to not overthink the questions. Pick the answer that comes closest to how you have acted during most of your life, not just in exceptional cases.


This test should only be used to educate yourself and not as psychological advice. We try our best to give you the most accurate result, but we give no guarantee of accuracy nor fitness – After all, we are all different! Also, your answers are 100% confidential and will not be used for anything else than to provide you with a reliable result.

After the test:

Make sure to share your results with your friends and family to learn more about each other. Also, we love seeing your results on Instagram, so be sure to tag @orientalheal on posts and stories. We aim to respond to every single one of you to get to know you better and hopefully build a community worth being in!

Start your Enneagram Test!

1.I go out of my way to make others happy
2.In general, people should stick to the rules
3.I am terrible at small talk – It is always quite awkward
4.I am very observant
5.Betrayal is one of the worst things that can happen to someone
6.It takes an exceptionally long time until I can truly trust someone
7.I always look on the bright side
8.I actively take measures to protect my loved ones and myself from potential harm
9.I avoid conflict at all cost
10.I always see the silver lining in every situation
11.I get bored easily
12.I constantly question the world around me
13.I am an excellent public speaker
14.When I play, I play to win
15.I often justify my actions to others and myself
16.That others know that I am a good person matters to me
17.People say I am easy to talk to
18.I don’t fit in with ordinary people
19.I know how I come across to other people and I use it as an advantage
20.I have often found myself hanging onto relationships when the other party didn’t
21.I am the life of the party
22.I hate when people beat around the bush
23.I have a hard time letting others take control
24.I rarely have strong opinions
25.I am great at simplifying problems
26.I go heads first into a situation without really thinking too long about the consequences
27.There is no such thing as “too much knowledge”
28.It’s important to me to know why things work the way they do
29.In a play, I would always portray the main character
30.In my past, I have not always been the same person and rather gone through a lot of phases
31.I rarely feel like I belong in a group
32.I frequently find myself fighting for others
33.I am a perfectionist at heart
34.I cannot confidently make a decision without having tried out all the options first
35.I go with the flow, as long as I am not bothered
36.I am concerned with protecting what I have
37.I am a natural-born caretaker
38.It is hard for me to believe something when there are no facts
39.Helping others gives me a purpose
40.My interests are usually not reflected by society
41.I have a hard time staying positive in difficult situations
42.I often let others make decisions for me
43.I am spontaneous and like going on adventures
44.I have lot of ideas on how I can improve myself
45.I often find myself meddling in other people’s issues
46.I make more significant contributions than the average person
47.Rules make me feel secure
48.I want to be a role model for future generations
49.Without a creative outlet I feel drained
50.I often think about what makes a person good or bad
51.I try to compliment others frequently
52.I tend to hold onto negative past emotions
53.I can easily change my behavior to fit into a new group
54.I love strategic games like chess
55.I want to leave my mark on the world
56.I have difficulties staying on the same task for too long
57.I tend to adjust to the people around me
58.I am not sorry for being blunt – If someone makes a mistake, they should know
59.I feel best when I bring people together
60.I am nothing without a group of friends that supports me
61.My mind is an amazing place
62.I know I often might come off as superficial or arrogant
63.I generally feel like I am an outsider
64.I like to be around people I can help
65.I sometimes get waves of inexplicable rage
66.Being successful and of high reputation matters to me
67.I put other’s feelings above my own
68.I hate waiting
69.I like having a plan for every situation
70.I’ve been called snobbish in the past
71.I get energized coming up with new ideas
72.I can get easily agitated

11 thoughts on “Enneagram Test: Which Personality Type Are You?”

  1. What if you resonate with more than 1 type? The test says I am a 2, I feel like I could be a 4,6 or 3. How can I tell?

  2. Type 4. I was surprised that Type 1 came higher than Type 9 on my results, since it’s the other way around on other tests I’ve taken. Maybe rating each trait on a 4 point scale improves the accuracy of the results. It allows for more nuance. Then, again, maybe I was just more honest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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