Enneagram Type 5: Do You Really Know Yourself?

Enneagram Type 5

Enneagram Type 5 – The Investigator

What makes them act the way they do? From their basic desires to their deepest fears, this article covers everything you need to know about Investigators.

Short Description: Key Personality Traits

Driven by innovation, Investigators thrive to possess knowledge about whatever catches their minds. With their curious and independent nature, they are masters at figuring out simple solutions to complex problems. However, by constantly following their thirst for knowledge it is not uncommon that they lose touch with society as well as their emotions.

Center of Intelligence

Brain IconIntellectual Center – leading with ration

Focus of Attention

Focus IconIntellectual understanding

At Their Best

Thumbs Up IconWise

At Their Worst

Thumbs Down IconDisconnected

Basic Desire

Sun IconBeing useful
Being competent

Basic Fear

Cloud IconBeing unskilled
Being incapable

Key Motivation

Motivation IconDiscovering new things
Understanding the world around them
Feeling valued and able
Being knowledgeable

In-Depth Description: Do You Really Know Yourself?

Fives really are the Investigators of our world. Their relentless pursuit of knowledge doesn’t stop until they figured out “why” a certain thing functions the was it does. They gain their confidence by observing and methodologically testing their hypothesis to be then able to share with others.

However, Investigators struggle with feeling insecure about whether they could successfully function outside their minds and in the real world. Because of that, they tend to choose an area of expertise and only focus on finding out everything there is to know about that niche. Often, their minds are captured by the unknown mysteries the world has yet to unveil.


Source: Unsplash.com

It can be hard for Investigators to understand that their inquisitiveness is not always shared amongst their friends. Their intense devotion and constant questioning of the principles of life can for some people be overwhelming and perceived as condescending.

Although they are great drivers of innovation and discoveries, they tend to forget about what essentially makes them human. Whether it is neglecting relationships or self-care, Investigators would give up anything for their quest.

Common Addictions Enneagram Type 5 ‘s Might Face

Investigators might struggle more than other types with the following:

  1. Poor eating and sleeping habits:
    Investigators tend to disregard their own mental health to have more time for their investigations.
  2. Psychotropic drugs and narcotics:
    It is not uncommon that Investigators use psychotropic drugs as an escape from the real world and narcotics to deal with their constant social anxiety.
  3. Lack of physical activity and personal hygiene:
    Investigators tend to disregard their own physical health and personal hygiene to have more time to commit to their studies.

Please, do not be afraid to reach out for help if you are experiencing any of these issues.

5 Common Enneagram Type 5 Careers

Investigators are often found in the following jobs:


Source: Unsplash.com

  1. Engineer
  2. Mathematician
  3. Author
  4. Scientist
  5. Scholar

Don’t see your job here? Share with the community in the comments how you are shaping the world in your career!

Enneagram Type 5 Growth Suggestions

Everyone can benefit from a bit of advice from time to time. Here are 5 recommendations for Investigators to achieve personal growth:

  1. Live in the moment:
    Some experiences are meant to be felt and not analyzed. Even if you are questioning why exactly it is that we celebrate birthdays, try to enjoy the company around you as well. Nourishing relationships is essential for a happy life.
  2. Learn to relax:
    Your mind has a hard time shutting off, so try to actively calm it down. Meditation and jogging are among a variety of activities you can do to unwind from the constant thinking. See this as giving oil to the machine that is your brain.
  3. Stay in tune with your emotions:
    Try not to shove your emotions in a box and learn to work through them. Take some time to also investigate your feelings to find out what makes you special and how you can use these emotions for your own benefit.
  4. You are not alone:
    It can feel as if your brain is the only one you can trust on your search for knowledge. But you are not alone. Learn to work with others and open your mind to new and exciting perspectives you might have not thought of.
  5. Teach with modesty:
    When sharing your expertise bear in mind that the goal is to make others learn and not showing off what you know. It can often be the case that your teaching style may seem haughty by others, which will in turn make them less cooperative to learn from you.

10 Famous Enneagram Type 5 Celebrities

You are not the only Investigator! Here are our top 10 Investigator celebrity picks:

Albert Einstein

1. Albert Einstein – Theoretical Physicist

Source: Google / CC BY-SA

Enneagram Type 5

2. Vincent van Gogh – Painter

Source: Unsplash.com

Enneagram Type 5

3. Jean-Paul Sartre – Philosopher

Source: Unknown author / CC BY-SA 3.0 NL

Enneagram Type 5

4. Stephen King – Writer

Source: Pinguino Kolb / CC BY

Enneagram Type 5

5. Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook

Enneagram Type 5

Source: Anthony Quintano from Honolulu, HI, United States / CC BY

6. Kurt Cobain – Singer
Source: Julie Kramer / CC BY-SA

Enneagram Type 5

7. Stanley Kubrick – Director
Source: Stanley Kubrick / Public domain

Enneagram Type 5

8. Friedrich Nietzsche – Philosopher

Source: Friedrich Hartmann / Public domain

Enneagram Type 5

9. Stephen Hawking – Theoretical Physicist

Source: NASA / Public domain

James Joyce

10. James Joyce – Novelist

Source: Man Ray / Public domain

Let us know which celebrity surprised you the most!

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